Today Cinema is not just a means of entertainment but also a very effective means of promoting awareness of any social cause, culture and history. Taking into consideration Director Dada Saheb Phalke's first feature film Raja Harsihchandra released in the year 1913, the Indian Film Industry which is presumably considered to be the largest film industry in the world celebrated its centennial in 2013. The Indian Film Industry's contribution to the society economically and culturally is unmatched. Though the people involved in the industry have been idolized and even worshipped there was always a sense of prejudice that kept people away from taking it up as a career.But the modern day films has changed the perspective of the people and it is now considered to be the most sought after career in the world. The website is an effort to bring to light the efforts and the creativity that contributes to the making of a film by the Indian film industry.It has been addressed by various names‎ like Cinema of India,Indian Film Industry. If we go to see a list of Indian film industries‎ we have Hindi Cinema alternately addressed as Bollywood by journalists,Cinema of Andhra Pradesh which produces Telugu Films, , Cinema of Tamil Nadu producing Tamil Films.Malayalam Cinema or Malayalam Films are produced for Cinema of Kerala.The state of Maharashtra promotes more of Marathi Cinema or Marathi Films, similarly we have Cinema of Bengal referred to as Bengali Cinema .Film Industry of India strives to bring to the visitors of the site interviews of film stars, Film Reviews of Hindi Cinema and other regional language cinema, History of Cinema, Details of film released till date etc.